FOSDEM video recordings

These talks have been recorded at FOSDEM.
Special thanks to AS35701, Belnet,,,, FAU, HEAnet, LibreLabUCM, Nikhef, Onet and OSUOSL for the bandwidth.
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/2018/UA2.114 (Baudoux)/

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cockpit.mp4 117M2018-Feb-10 13:56
cockpit.webm 104M2018-Feb-10 13:56
cumin_automation.mp4 110M2018-Feb-05 12:09
cumin_automation.webm 79M2018-Feb-05 12:09
decade_augeas.mp4 114M2018-Feb-07 21:18
decade_augeas.webm 72M2018-Feb-07 21:18
high_available_foreman.mp4 130M2018-Feb-07 22:00
high_available_foreman.webm 94M2018-Feb-07 22:00
mgmt.mp4 263M2018-Feb-10 22:14
mgmt.webm 269M2018-Feb-10 22:13
network_automation.mp4 177M2018-Feb-06 18:00
network_automation.webm 168M2018-Feb-06 18:00
painless_puppet_providers.mp4 100M2018-Feb-05 16:32
painless_puppet_providers.webm 65M2018-Feb-05 16:32
puppet_key_value.mp4 112M2018-Feb-04 20:50
puppet_key_value.webm 89M2018-Feb-04 20:50
terraform_maturing.mp4 107M2018-Feb-07 21:56
terraform_maturing.webm 71M2018-Feb-07 21:56
zero_downtime_deployments_ansible.mp4 224M2018-Feb-04 21:28
zero_downtime_deployments_ansible.webm 148M2018-Feb-04 21:28
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