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These talks were recorded during FOSDEM 2013.

I wish we could say there were no issues with any of these talks, but
unfortunately that's not the case; we've had a few technical problems
during recording.

So far, we're aware of the following issues:

 * the audio in Lennart Poettering's systemd talk stops after about 29
   seconds, but continues about 6 minutes and 10 seconds into the talk.
   Since this is the result of technical issues during the talk itself,
   there's really nothing we can do about it anymore.

 * the audio in Sara Golemon's Scaling PHP with HipHop talk stops after
   about 26 minutes but continues about 39 minutes and 30 seconds into
   the talk. This is the result of a power failure which means we had no
   audio feed at all during this period.

We are not aware of any further issues, but this may of course simply be
because we haven't seen everything yet; so if you do encounter
something, do not hesitate to tell us about it. It may be something we
can still fix.

At this time, transcoding is almost finished. There are four talks that
have not yet been uploaded:

 * The "Open Science, Open Software, and Reproducible Code" talk in the
   K auditorium on saturday has been recorded, but will require quite a
   bit of manual work to put together the pieces. I have not yet had the
   time to do this.
 * The raw DV files for the "LinuxonAndroid and SlapOS on Android" and
   the "neat guide to Fedora RPM Packaging" talks in the cross-distro
   devrooms were lost. We may have (lower-quality) backups, but they may
   need some manual work, too. We are currently verifying this, and will
   upload this file when we find out whether we do have the talks.
 * The "Hardening roundtable", also in the cross-distro devroom, was
   probably not recorded.