FOSDEM video recordings

These talks have been recorded at FOSDEM.
Special thanks to Belnet,, AS35701, HEAnet, OSUOSL, NIKHEF,, FAU.DE and for the bandwidth.
Please contact with any questions or you may report correctable problems with particular videos on github.

For 2016, look at STATUS.txt for a summary of the number of videos available so far and please note that the videos will be provided in alternative formats once all these initial uploads are complete.


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AW1120/-27-Jul-2014 13:28
AW1121/-16-Mar-2014 21:11
AW1125/-24-Oct-2014 14:45
AW1126/-24-Oct-2014 18:55
H1301_Cornil/-09-Mar-2014 03:06
H1302_Depage/-13-Mar-2014 08:40
H1308_Rolin/-25-Mar-2014 03:58
H1309_Van_Rijn/-23-Oct-2014 18:49
H2213/-08-Feb-2014 02:06
H2214/-01-Apr-2014 22:56
H2215_Ferrer/-08-Mar-2014 23:42
Janson/-30-Mar-2014 19:15
K1105/-10-Feb-2014 23:05
K3201/-14-Mar-2014 22:52
K3401/-12-Mar-2014 05:15
K4201/-27-Oct-2014 13:15
K4401/-03-Apr-2014 19:57
K4601/-14-Mar-2014 18:11
UA2114/-26-Oct-2014 13:15
UB2252A_Lameere/-01-Nov-2014 14:19
UD2120_Chavanne/-14-Mar-2014 19:11
UD2218A/-27-Oct-2014 04:18
previews/-08-Feb-2014 21:48
00_the_ogv_files_are_currently_just_preview_tem..> 003-Feb-2014 16:46
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