FOSDEM video recordings

These talks have been recorded at FOSDEM.
Special thanks to Belnet,, GeekSoc, AS35701, HEAnet, OSUOSL and NIKHEF for the bandwidth.
Please contact with any questions.


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01-sat-limux.xvid.avi 46M11-Feb-2010 12:54
02-sat-civicrm.xvid.avi 33M12-Feb-2010 09:27
03-sat-portableapps.xvid.avi 54M12-Feb-2010 09:28
04-sat-openpcf.xvid.avi 48M11-Feb-2010 12:54
05-sat-savannah.xvid.avi 45M11-Feb-2010 12:54
06-sat-nanonote.xvid.avi 45M12-Feb-2010 09:28
07-sat-tinc.xvid.avi 60M11-Feb-2010 12:54
08-sat-beernet.xvid.avi 48M11-Feb-2010 12:54
09-sat-sipcommunicator.xvid.avi 69M11-Feb-2010 12:54
10-sat-kamailio.xvid.avi 58M10-Feb-2010 21:57
11-sat-asterisk.xvid.avi 107M10-Feb-2010 21:58
12-sat-csync.xvid.avi 48M10-Feb-2010 21:58
13-sat-faban.xvid.avi 63M10-Feb-2010 21:58
14-sat-shadowcircle.xvid.avi 124M10-Feb-2010 21:58
15-sat-syncevolution.xvid.avi 53M10-Feb-2010 21:58
16-sat-geexbox.xvid.avi 66M10-Feb-2010 21:58
17-sat-uzbl.xvid.avi 37M10-Feb-2010 21:58
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