FOSDEM video recordings

These talks have been recorded at FOSDEM.
Special thanks to Belnet,, AS35701, HEAnet, OSUOSL, NIKHEF,, FAU.DE and for the bandwidth.
Please contact with any questions.


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mono-2010-02-07-0915-1000-(Lluis Sahnchez Gual)..> 449M2010-Mar-09 21:41
mono-2010-02-07-1000-1100-(Ivan Porto Carrero)-..> 520M2010-Mar-10 07:31
mono-2010-02-07-1100-1200-(Miguel de Icaza)-(Mo..> 680M2010-Mar-10 23:18
mono-2010-02-07-1245-1315-(Alan McGovern)-(The ..> 330M2010-Mar-11 11:26
mono-2010-02-07-1315-1345-(Stephane Delcroix)-(..> 329M2010-Mar-11 13:39
mono-2010-02-07-1345-1415-(Jeremie Laval)-(Para..> 401M2010-Mar-11 16:57
mono-2010-02-07-1430-1530-(Jim Purbrick)-(Build..> 658M2010-Mar-11 21:35
mono-2010-02-07-1530-1600-(Andreia Gaita)-(Moon..> 359M2010-Mar-11 23:27
mono-2010-02-07-1600-1630-(Jo Shields)-(OSCTool..> 330M2010-Mar-12 15:53
mono-2010-02-07-1630-1645-(Mirco Bauer)-(Smuxi ..> 184M2010-Mar-12 16:28
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